iOS Design & Development

Pique is an experimental photo-sharing app designed to explore how much we can learn about others through the medium of photography.

Pique pairs you with another user at random for 30 days, ecourages you to share unique, intimate insights in to your everyday life, and gives you the opportunity to share some thoughts with your match at the end of your time together.

Pique is built with RubyMotion, and is available as a free download on the App Store.


Interaction Design

Flask is a bottle that collects geotagged media from various social networks, without intervention. It condenses and stores streams of 1s and 0s, representing its contents using light.

It plays on the inherent affordances of its form to map real world actions to digital functions – its cork can be removed and replaced to start and stop the collection of data and its contents can be poured, at varying rates, onto a surface.

Flask is powered by Arduino, Node.js, HTML5 Canvas, MQTT and WebSockets.


Web Design & Development

Whilst scrolling through my Twitter feed, I often find myself asking “I wonder if X follows Y?”. It turns out there’s no easy way to answer this question within Tweetbot, nor on twitter.com, so I made BFF, a simple tool to quickly and easily find out who’s friends with who on Twitter.

That, and I wanted an excuse to learn the basics of Ruby and Sinatra.

DAT Degree Show

Web Design & Front-end Development

DAT Degree Show is a showcase of select graduates hot from the BA / BSc (Hons) Digital Art & Technology degree at Plymouth University.

Digital Art & Technology

Web Design & Front-end Development

With a 20 year history, BA/BSc (Hons) Digital Art and Technology at Plymouth University is one of the UK’s best and most established interactive media degrees.


Web Design & Development

Moodbox, my current side-project, is a flexible and touch-focused Dropbox-powered moodboarding tool. Coming soon.